Minecraft Build Team

Frozen Crag

Frozen Crag is a modified Freeze Tag game mode where both teams are fighting for control over three capture points in the center of the map. Punch enemies to freeze them in place, punch your teammates to unfreeze them, stand on the capture points to accumulate points for your team. Powerups are scattered around the map that can be used to give your team a temporary boost. First team to reach the target amount of points wins!

Warsong Gulch

Warsong Gulch is a recreation of a PvP map from World of Warcraft in Minecraft. This map was meant to be a faithful remake of the original gamemode, and features 8 out of the 9 classes from WoW, each with almost a full action bar of unique abilities taken from the source game. The gameplay is based on the level 10-19 battleground bracket in WoW. First team to capture the enemy team’s flag 3 times wins!

Terracotta Chasm

Terracotta Chasm is a Capture the Flag map that features 7 original classes, each with unique effects to aid them in battle. The map takes place in an old western town, which is surrounded by a large desert. Each team’s base is placed at opposite ends of the map, with their flags placed towards the back end of each respective base. First team to capture the enemy team’s flag 3 times wins!

Hook, Line, & Creeper

Hook, Line, & Creeper (HLC) is a Minecraft remake of an old Warcraft 3 custom map called “Pudge Wars”. Players are given a grappling hook as their primary weapon. This hook shoots like a crossbow, but will latch onto any player hit and pull them to the attacker’s location. You gain gold passively over time and from killing enemies, which can be spent at the shop in your base to buy various upgrades. The map is designed around a smaller team size: 3v3-5v5. First team to reach the target number of kills wins!